Mirror Mirror On The Wall

It wasn’t the first time family Christopher had to overcome theirs sweetie daughter traumas. Iris was the innocent 11 years old tot and in parallel the eyewitness of his brother last breath. William is said to be killed by an inevitably deathly disease called ‘’maphon’’ but does this filthy virus exists or its just a part of coroners creation in order not to make a hearth disruption on such an harmonic family. The point mentioned during trying to accuse Williams’ death was that the Christofer family was one of the richest and widespread known families all over the world. Actually, Wallace and Christina had helped on trying to cover the paranormal insanity of their son which would create a mass of pressure on their tots, Iris and Bill.

29 February 2006

It was a sunny weekend of Iris’ incubation time. She had been visiting her psychologist for a couple of weeks till her nightmares and visions have lost track of her. Her brothers’ death has glaringly stigmatized her and immure her to a shabby spectrum on which she wasn’t able to see any bright solution. Besides, she was meant to pass through all these simpligad stones in order to embrace her tranquility. But honesty, Wallace and Christina were refusing to believe that a trauma like this would be healed in any way and that was the reason they were broody and skeptical.

Wallace and Christina wild guess was unfortunately right. It was about 14:00 when their daughter started to clamor in front of a bloody mirror. Bill was trying to explain why she was screaming but he was enough afraid to stand there and do nothing. Wallace and Christina have ran toward Iris trying to calm her down in order to face another challenge with an uncanny bloody mirror. They where trying to attribute the cause of the spoiled blood on the mirror. The untouched bodies of Iris and Bill was the causation to drive them crazy. They were all freaked out while they couldn’t come up with a convincing excuse.

Right after the gruesome incident, Alex the closest and supporter friend of the family, has came in the best time to quieter them.

The excruciating crescent has once again shown up…
The sinister spirit of William has erupted Iris’ soul dragging her to a paranormal subversive attitude. When some occult crackles have penetrated Christinas’ eardrums, when a shrill sound of a burning soul has interrupted her exempting sleep, when a hypnotizing sound of piano keys composing a magnetic field on which your nous cant stop twisting your wit , it was that time when the house was burning down on flames due to the compulsive vinculum of Christopher family with the frustrated inner world of William.
30 February 2006

The coroners have come to the metaphysical fact that mirrors drag the unfinished souls to an overwhelming spectrum of communication which is known in our conventional world as sanitarium…


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